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About ZetesZetes is an international corporation specialising in the provision of identification and mobility solutions. By using the latest technologies, Zetes enables its customers improve the speed and quality of their process execution and increase data accuracy, which in turn helps them to remain at the forefront of their industries. That's what makes Zetes both a pioneer and a market leader at the same time. The Zetes Group is based in Brussels and has more than 1100 employees in 19 countries across EMEA. In 2014, its turnover was €245.3 million. More information: About Zetes’ supply chain solutionsZetes transforms the way modern supply chains collaborate. Its process optimisation solutions for packaging, storage, proof of delivery, sales, direct store services and store management, all linked by the ZetesOlympus repository, allow large companies to implement end-to-end tracking and tracing of goods, from production to the end user. Zetes plays an important part in helping companies deal with the challenges of global tracking, such as serialisation, parallel markets, security, legal obligations, and counterfeiting. Zetes integrates next-generation cloud platforms with cutting-edge technologies such as imaging, voice recognition, RFID, codification and mobile terminals. Zetes is a trusted partner that can guarantee perfect life cycle management of all its solutions, with its Zetes TotalCare and Zetes TotalFinance services. About Zetes’ government solutions The People ID division of Zetes provides secure solutions that allow governments to accurately identify their populations and satisfy the strictest international requirements concerning the issuing of documents and the organising of democratic elections. Zetes has more than 10 years' experience in the implementation of sensitive projects for governments and supranational organisations. Zetes’ government solutions are characterised by reliability, combined with flexibility and operational capability. Through this approach, citizens are secure in their ability to prove their identity and exercise democratic rights.AUSTRIA | BELGIUM | CZECH REPUBLIC | DENMARK | FRANCE | GERMANY | GREECE | IRELAND | ISRAEL | ITALY | IVORY COAST | NETHERLANDS | NORDIC COUNTRIES | POLAND | PORTUGAL | SOUTH AFRICA | SPAIN | SWITZERLAND | UNITED KINGDOM

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  • Software, draadloze communicatie
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