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FIB Belgium SA

Avenue Landas 4
Zoning Industriel de Saintes
1480 Tubize

Bedrijfsinformatie FIB Belgium SA


For 80 years, Brussels based FIB Belgium has been on the forefront of thermal processing technologies. In the wire industry, FIB Belgium acts as the world most reputable company for all installations related to heat and surface treatment. From there, FIB has developed into a diversified industrial company active in 5 segments. Next to the wire division, FIB Belgium is active in the Hot Dip Galvanizing industry where the company acts as an OEM, in combustion systems namely premix technology, in the container and flat glass sectors and in chamber furnaces industry. With 75 high qualified staff members and references in more than 60 countries, FIB Belgium is equipped to further progress and become your reliable partner. FIB Belgium: ahead together!

Algemene informatie

Oprichtingsjaar 1967
Number of the establishment unit 2004426410
Enterprise number 0402958982
Juridische vorm NV/SA/AG
Type bedrijf Hoofdkantoor
BTW BE0402958982
Fax +32 2 376 37 11
Website http://www.fib.be


  • F.I.B.  (Importeur)


Gebied: Wereldwijd

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    58 Werknemers

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    58 Werknemers


  • 2015

    13.473.026 EUR

  • 2014

    12.242.869 EUR

  • 2013

    14.592.753 EUR

  • 2012

    19.854.770 EUR

Kaderleden FIB Belgium SA


Franz Branders

Managing Director

Frans, Nederlands, Engels, Duits

Mr. René Branders

General Manager

Frans, Engels, Nederlands, Duits

Christophe Vanden Berg

Directeur/Verantwoordelijke Human Resources


Ms. Céline Beke


Frans, Engels, Duits

Mr. Samuel Castiaux

Directeur/Verantwoordelijke Veiligheid

Frans, Engels

Mr. Alain Markey

Responsable du Bureau d'Etudes

Frans, Engels

Joseph Demonchaux

Directeur/Verantwoordelijke Productie

Frans, Engels

Mr. Frédéric Vausort

Directeur/Verantwoordelijke Informatica

Frans, Engels

M. Erdinç SEZGIN

Directeur/Verantwoordelijke Onderzoek

Frans, Engels