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Proper care and disposal of the oil tank of your home is important. The last thing you want is a Contaminated Soil, malfunctioning heating or high heating costs simply because your tank is damaged. This doesn't mean that you should remove the oil tank itself. There are too many risks. That is why it is essential to use a professional company like From Oil to Gas. During the removal of an oil tank a good Neutralization must be carried out and the tank must be removed properly. This is done to protect the environment and to prevent avoidable costs. A soil with a leaking tank will cost tens of thousands of euros. This can even lead to an unsaleable home because the cost of soil pollution HAS exceeded the value of your property. Neutralizing the tank as soon as possible is important and you should always hire professional help. Oil to Gas Has The experience and resources in-house to remove quickly and without any damage the fuel tank.

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